Welcome to the home of X-factor compassion and kindness. We have a cycling team consisting of 20 individuals who dedicated this year’s Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg Road 2022 to the East Rand Children’s Haven (ERCH) in Brakpan. The aim is to generate some funding for E.R.C.H. through sponsorship from companies who care and want to help where it is really needed. We have chosen East Rand Children’s Haven as our beneficiary and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to make a difference and assist the team of caregivers that looks after the children at the facility.

Networx SA ICT Solutions (PTY) Ltd is the title sponsor of the cycling team that will ride for the purpose of generating funding for the said beneficiary. We have not just chosen a facility to get our name somewhere in a paper or on the web, we don’t care about fame or fortune. We have visited facilities and have chosen ERCH, because of what they do and mean for the children in their care.

Having said the above, we came up with a module whereby a company can sponsor a team of cyclists per kilometer, fund a non profit organization like E.R.C.H., still get the recognition and also the Section 18A Tax Certificate of donations made. Furthermore, a company may choose to get some exposure of having their logo on the cycling kit, also a link from this website to their own website and a mention in a local newspaper all whilst helping a child in need.

The above module works in a very simple way, a company can sponsor any amount per kilometer, however the minimum sponsor for the above benefits is a R100/km and R2500/per logo on the kit.

Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg is 97km long = R100,00 X 97KM = R9700,00 + R2500,00{Logo on Kit} = Total of R12200,00

From the R12200,00 the minimum total of R9700,00 gets paid over to ERCH. The R2500,00 is utilized to pay for marketing etc. The remaining funds after all creditors have been paid , will be paid over to ERCH as well.

A little bit about East Rand Children’s Haven


“We are a Residential Care Facility based in Brakpan.  We have in our care, 20 children who have been orphaned, abandoned, abused or neglected and therefore removed from their homes through the judicial system.We provide a safe and secure environment for them to grow up in.  We feed them, clothe them and educate them.  We take in these children regardless of race or religion.  We facilitate boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 18.

We do our very best to provide these children with the love and attention that they so desperately need, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to the children of ERCH. Many of our children are mentally challenged and/or mildly physically disabled.  We do our best to equip each child with the necessary tools to be successful in life.  We ensure that they are placed in the best schools to suit their needs.We receive a partial subsidy from Government that covers approximately 50% of our financial requirements. We therefore rely heavily upon public support to cover the additional 50% required to keep the home running effectively.”